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About Kusch+Co

Kusch+Co started as a family business and became a well-known brand with unique products, that are recognized all over the world. The change was in the air – not only Kusch+Co evolved, but also the market. For further development, the company needed to join its forces with a bigger player – not only in the terms of the organisation’s size. The diversification between different sectors together with the corporate values were a pivotal factor. Only a family company with similar values could truly understand and fulfil Kusch+Co’s potential. The choice was clear: Nowy Styl.

Since 2019 Kusch+Co has been a brand by Nowy Styl, a European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for office and public spaces.  The unique business model allows Nowy Styl to provide clients with a complete interior furnishing service, based on an in-depth analysis of the specificity and needs of the customer, work efficiency as well as work organization, ergonomics and acoustics. Owing to the company’s experience as well as technological and production facilities, each offer is made to measure.